Libertrium develops state of the art web applications and is specialized in public participation.

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Liberopinion - Participatory budget

Explore the full potential of your online community with Liberwidgets. These eParticipation widgets go beyond the traditional comments on website and give focus to the collective knowledge of your users. Make your website stand out from the crowd and use Liberwidgets.


Liberopinion Platform

This unique eParticipation platform seeks to narrow the gap between an online community and key stakeholders in an organization. Based on collaborative questions, interviews, suggestions, polls and live debates, it is possible for users to interact directly with key stakeholders in an organization.

Liberopinion is ideal for media groups, associations, political parties, unions, city halls, academia, private corporations, or NGOs that want to bring participation of their user community to the next level.


iLeger - portuguese parliamentary elections

iLeger is an eParticipation web application designed from the ground up to allow multidirectional communication between candidates or representatives in an election and citizens. iLeger was used in partnership with Sapo online portal during the portuguese parliamentary elections held on June 2011.


iLeger - portuguese presidential elections

iLeger, an eParticipation web application, was used during the portuguese presidential elections in January 2011. With iLeger it is possible for citizens to send questions to party representatives, as well as submit ideas and participate in polls about key issues of the election. Plus, iLeger was used by representatives of political parties to engage directly with citizens during live debates to address the citizens' concerns.


iLeger - elections for Head of Medical Association

iLeger was used by candidates in the election for Head of Medical Association to interact directly with the community of medical doctors.


Governómetro/Governmeter - monitoring Government performance

This web application seeks to solve the problem of how to objectively assess the Government performance. With so much noise around politics and Government affairs, Governómetro is a basis for collaborative assessment with focus on key statistical indicators, a checklist of objectives set by the Government and a framework to analyse the pros and cons of the measures undertaken by the Government.

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Libertrium team members participate actively in Research and Development in the field of eParticipation with publications in the most reputed conferences in this area. The list of publications includes:

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Award nominations

Project Liberopinion was finalist in the E-Democracy Awards 2010 organised by the World EGov Forum.


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Financiado pelo QREN, no âmbito do Mais Centro-Programa Operacional Regional do Centro, o projecto de Inovação baseia-se na criação de ferramentas online de participação inovadoras que permitam voz a qualquer indíviduo